The animal husbandry industry is increasingly demanding feeds with high feed conversion rates

On October 16-19, 2013, at the invitation of the DIA Drug Information Association and the International Federation for Animal Health Industry (IFAH International Federation for Animal Health Industry), Deputy General Manager Xue Tingwu went to Washington, USA to participate in the “Global Movement “GAHC Global Animal Health Conference”, as the only Chinese invited by the conference, gave a special report at the conference. The Global Animal Protection Forum is a global conference led by (DIA) and co-organized by (IFAH). The theme of this conference is “Developing global animal protection products to support food safety and sustainable food development”. Jointly explore what role global animal protection products will play in the process of advancing food safety and sustainable development, and what opportunities and challenges are faced or about to be faced in the development of animal protection products. The forum is divided into seven parts, ranging from the relationship between “food” and “animal protection products”, macro policies and specific implementation, the overall situation on a global scale and the overview of major countries, the status quo and problems and challenges, to possible solutions. One by one, it provides an international communication platform for government personnel, corporate executives, industry experts, financial investors, etc. from different countries and regions around the world.
At the meeting, Xue Tingwu, deputy general manager, gave a report titled “Snapshot: Food Safety & Animal Health in China” in fluent English, introducing in detail the evolution process of China’s food and China’s food safety supervision. System construction, the general situation of China’s animal husbandry and animal protection industry, and the relevance of animal protection products and food safety, and put forward the following thoughts on the future development of China’s animal protection industry: First, China is a country lacking protein, and the animal husbandry industry , The demand for feed with high feed conversion rate is increasing. In terms of food, the demand for high-protein products, such as milk and aquatic products, is increasing year by year. Second, the current animal husbandry industry in my country is still in the development stage, with unbalanced breeding levels, limited disease prevention and control levels, and high livestock mortality. Therefore, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the industry, especially the urgent need to improve the management level; third, whether it is the food industry or the animal protection industry, China must rely on technology and innovation. Only in this way can China’s food needs be met and animal protection can be guaranteed. Sustainable development of the industry.
  Xue Tingwu’s report, the deputy general manager, received widespread attention, and he gave detailed answers to the active questions of the participants one by one. After the meeting, a number of international friends who participated in the meeting came to Mr. Xue and enthusiastically shook his hand and said: “Thank you for your wonderful speech!” and expressed their expectation for further in-depth exchanges. Samuel Thevasagayam, Senior Project Officer of the Animal Husbandry Department from the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” said that the content of the report should be integrated into the internal report of the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”. Participating in this forum not only understands the development trend of the global animal protection industry, but also has a successful speech and discussion as a representative of China, showing a good image to international colleagues, and has a great interest in China’s animal protection industry participating in and promoting the development of the global animal protection industry. Positive meaning.