Green development of the aquaculture industry = abandon the use of feed additives?

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Original Liu Yiming Yang Hui Farmers Daily
In recent years, some misunderstandings about feed and feed additives have appeared in the society. For example, to protect the ecological environment and human health, and to promote the green development of the breeding industry, the use of feed additives should be abandoned. In order to guide people to scientifically and rationally understand feed and feed additives, the reporter asked the authoritative experts in the industry to verify some misunderstandings and doubts in the current society.
What is the role of feed and feed additives?
Yin Yulong
member of China Engineering Academy
Researcher, Institute of Subtropical Agricultural Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Feed and feed additives are the important material basis for the development of modern animal husbandry. Without modern feed industry, there would be no vigorous development of modern breeding industry.
As the saying goes: “The people take food as the heaven, and the animals are the first.” The people cannot survive without food, and the animals cannot survive without food. Feed is the material basis for animal growth, reproduction and production, and it is also the main factor that determines the productivity of the aquaculture industry.
Feed additives are small or trace substances added in the process of feed processing, production and use. They have obvious effects on strengthening the nutritional value of basic feeds, improving animal production performance, ensuring animal health, improving feed conversion efficiency and improving the quality of livestock products.
Feed additives are divided into two major categories.
The first category is nutritional feed additives, which are substances that are contained in the feed ingredients but are in insufficient amounts, such as amino acids, vitamins, and mineral trace elements. They are also called supplements.
The second category is non-nutritive additives, which are substances that are not originally in the feed, but have a special effect on animals or feed. They are mainly used for health care and growth promotion (probiotic preparations, enzyme preparations, acidulants, natural plant extracts, etc.), feed Protection (such as antioxidants, anti-enzyme agents, etc.), animal product quality improvement (such as bio-fermented feed, etc.).
At present, the state strictly controls the use of feed additives, and prohibits the use of antibiotics and other additives that are potentially harmful to human health and survival in feed.
In the breeding industry, feed and feed additives play an irreplaceable role.
Fermented feeds and feed additives can reduce manure nitrogen emissions and optimize the ecological environment. Fermented feeds, probiotics, enzyme preparations and many other feed additives can effectively improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients by farmed animals, increase the utilization rate of feed protein, and reduce nitrogen emissions . This can effectively prevent the breeding of fly maggots, greatly reduce the production of harmful gases in animal feces, not only improve the breeding environment, but also prevent the occurrence of respiratory and intestinal diseases of livestock and poultry.
Can the aquaculture industry give up the use of feed and feed additives?
The green and high-quality development of animal husbandry is inseparable from the application of feed and feed additives.
Yin Yulong:
The green and high-quality development of animal husbandry is the goal and original intention of the majority of animal husbandry science and technology workers. High-quality feed and efficient and safe feed additives are important means to achieve green and high-quality development of animal husbandry.
The rational use of feed and feed additives and the use of green and safe feed and feed additives can achieve the goal of “green” while achieving the high-quality development of animal husbandry. Feeding safe feed is the basic condition and guarantee for the production of green livestock products.
Therefore, in the production process, green and healthy feed and feed additives can not only promote the rapid growth of livestock and poultry, but also promote the green, healthy, and high-quality development of animal husbandry, which is the foundation of the sustainable development of animal husbandry.
Author: Farmers’ Daily, China rural network reporter Liu Yiming Yang