Coated Vitamin C

Coated Vitamin C, which is to stabilize crystal Vitamin C by coating process, achieves perfect coating, ideal post-processing retention and excellent bioavailability, and shows significant advantages over the ordinary Vitamin C.

Product Specification
· Appearance: White granule
· Taste: Light sour
· Molecular formula: C6H8O6
· Vitamin C:≥97%
· Particle size: 20-100 meshes≥90%
· Loss on drying:≤1%
· Pb:≤10ppm
· As:≤2ppm

Two special features
· High stability
Achieves perfect coating by using special coating material, its stability is about twice of ordinary Vitamin C.
· Effective digestion
The solution is stable in external environment and easy to be digested in alimentary canalby using special coating material.
The entire release period of Halor C is about 30 minutes in the alimentary canal of animals.

Recommended Dosage

Shelf life
24 months in sealed condition

  1. L-Ascorbic acid -2- Phosphate

L-Ascorbic acid -2- Phosphate, is stablized Vitamin C for aqua feed.
It has many advantages, mainly reflected in great chemical stability, bioavailability and water durability. These features make it best choice for different types of extruded feed or pelleted feed with high cost-efficiency.
Main Features
· Excellent pelleting stability
· Excellent storage stability
· Excellent water durability
· Excellent bioavailability
Product Specification
· Appearance: Gray white powder
· Molecular formula: C6H6O9P
· Vitamin C: ≥35%
· Particle size: 90% pass 80 meshes
· Lost on drying: ≤10%
· Pb: ≤10ppm
· As: ≤2ppm

Recommended Dosage

· In extremeconditions such as high temperature or polluted water, the dosage should be increased by 50-100%.
· When animal disease hits, the dosage should be increased by 200-500%.
Shelf life
24 months in sealed condition